Replace Your SeaDek Flooring When You De-Winterize Your Boat

Most Americans live close by, or within an hour’s drive of, navigable bodies of water. This amounts to roughly 95% of the country’s population. Since boating and fishing are both popular forms of recreation within the United States, many Americans own some type of boat along with other types of aquatic sporting and fishing gear.

Different Types of Boats

The National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that 95% of the boats out on the water are up to 26 feet long. Bass boats, for example, which are usually used for freshwater fishing, tend to be between 13 feet to 23 feet long. In addition to having a low freeboard, bass boats also have a V hull.

How to De-Winterize Your Boat

Whether boat owners live in areas with mild winters or those that experience heavy storms or other forms of inclement weather, it’s important to have their boats de-winterized. There are six basic steps involved with this process:

  • Checking the oil
  • Checking the battery
  • Draining the cooling system and hoses
  • Topping off the fuel tank
  • Checking the belts
  • Checking the safety equipment

Safety equipment is essential, and there are several items that are needed on-hand at all times. Along with the anchor and flotation devices, this includes a radio and fire extinguisher. It’s also important to have a good supply of drinking water, food supplies, blankets, and sunscreen.

Learn More About Your Boat Flooring Options

While you’re taking care of your boat’s maintenance and repairs, such as having it de-winterized, you’re probably thinking about what type of new flooring you want. You’ll be happy to hear that there are quite a few boat flooring options available. SeaDek flooring, for example, provides traction and is nonabsorbent. In addition to SeaDek flooring, you may be considering marine carpet. There are two types, or categories, of this type of carpet: glue-down and snap-in. You may also want to have an AquaMat or two.

Whether you’re planning to hire someone to install your new flooring or do it yourself with a kit, just imagine how much more comfortable your boat will be once you replace all of your flooring. Furthermore, it will be that much easier to maintain. Once you contact a representative, you can learn more about these and other boat flooring options and accessories.

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