5 Ways to Be Prepared for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

Fishing trip checklist

Fishing trips in Alaska are a wonderful opportunity to explore the great outdoors and really get an understanding of just how big and wild the world is. If you’re headed to Alaska, you’ve probably already settled on heading to the Kenai River area.

About the Kenai River Area: This is the most popular sport fishing destination in the state of Alaska and offers a variety of fish species to fish for. Salmon fishing tours are a popular activity, yet along with the fish, the area is home to other wildlife; moose, bears, and birds.

In the spring, Beluga whales have even been spotted six miles upstream to feed on fish. Nearly 72% of early-run fish spawn in tributary streams, with peak spawning occurring in mid-July — which is when you should look to book your trip!

After you’ve booked your trip, you’ll need a fishing trip checklist to make sure you’re appropriately prepared for Alaska’s harsh environment.

Your Fishing Trip Checklist:

  • Know how to cast. The better you can cast a line, the more likely you will be able to place the fly exactly where you want it to go — meaning more chances of catching that King Salmon. Don’t just read the how-to articles, get out and practice.
  • Discuss your limitations. If you’ve booked a fishing guide, talk to them about preferences (type of fish you like to catch, particular area on the river, etc.), expectations for the trip (how many fish you’d like to catch), and your limitations. Don’t leave anything out when it comes to discussing what you can and cannot do; it will help your guide and you will end up having a better time.
  • Dress for the weather. If no one told you, Alaska can be pretty cold. At best, summertime temperatures may rise into the mid-70s, but expect low 60’s, especially while you’re on the water. Bring plenty of wool layers and waterproof clothing. One of the most important, yet commonly overlooked, item to have is proper footwear. Don’t go wearing sandals!
  • Book your vacation lodge. Depending on how rustic you want to get when fishing in Alaska, you can either choose a luxury log cabin or an unadorned one. Either way, expect cabin life to be much different than life at home. You will most likely need to keep a fire going and many remote locations in the Kenai River area will not have running water or proper toilets.
  • Bring your own food. A fishing trip checklist should always include enough food to get you through the first couple days of your fishing trip. Of course, there will probably be places and opportunities to purchase more supplies while you are up there, but have a few essential food items that can last you and your family or friends for a couple days.

Don’t worry so much about fishing gear and supplies, most companies up there will supply you with their own gear. Read more like this.

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