A Healthy Sport With A Tasty Result Getting Into Fly Fishing For The First Time In 2020

You’re thinking of getting out more in 2020. New Year’s Resolutions tend to revolve around drastic changes, after all, and 2019 just wasn’t your year. How about picking up a new hobby?

There are a ton of fun, invigorating pasttimes you can consider on your way to personal greatness. Fly fishing is one that can net you several benefits in one handy package. For starters, it’s a great way to give yourself fresh air after a long week in the office. You’ll be able to reduce your stress levels and get lost in the flow of catching and releasing. To top it all off, you’ll even be able to bring home a big, tasty salmon for the dinner table.

Is it any wonder why fly fishing is so popular in the States? Let’s go on a short journey and learn about all the ways you can make it a part of your 2020.

Everyone Is Trying Their Hand At Quality Fly Fishing Time

Just how popular is fly fishing, anyway? Let’s take a look at some studies to crop up over the past few years. A 2017 survey found an impressive 11 million youth participants giving it a try, ranging between the ages of six and 17. Overall, 50 million people regularly take up fly fishing on a yearly basis. The largest share of fishing participants went on four to 11 trips, but a small percentage would go on as many as 100 trips per year.

The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Are Off The Charts

It’s no mystery why so many people are putting down videogames to go outside and get some fresh, crisp air. Americans today are more cooped up and frazzled than ever, particularly those working or going to school (or both!). Fly fishing is closely associated with reduced stress levels and anxiety levels. Just an hour of fly fishing at your favorite river can lower your blood pressure significantly. Skip the Netflix session and see what an afternoon with friends by the river can do for your mood instead.

Salmon And Trout Are Delicious Catches That’ll Match Nearly Any Diet

If you’re a fan of fish, you’re in luck. Fly fishing is a prime way of snagging that fresh catch and giving your cooking skills an upgrade. Nearly 10 billion pounds of fish were caught back in 2016, with much of this coming from the decade’s top hobby. Salmon is well-known for its thick, pink flesh, perfect alongside rice and topped with lemons. Trout, on the other hand, is a touch lighter and can make a great addition to your next grilling session.

Fly Rod Reels Come In Different Lengths And Styles To Match

Don’t get a Fly Fishing Outfit yet! Your main tool of choice is your Fly Rod Reel, similar to a classic fishing rod with the exception of its cast. Fly fishing is characterized by big swings, designed to get further range and a higher chance of catching the best fish around. Some Fly Rods for sale are a little shorter and quicker, crafted for a quick back-and-forth technique. Others are longer and more methodical, perfect for those with higher amounts of patience.

The Essential Fly Fishing Package For The First Timer

No first-time fly fisher is complete without the basics. The Fly Fishing Outfit is an iconic part of this outdoor experience, baggy and comfortable enough to push back the sweltering weather. Make sure you try one on first, as an ill-fitting outfit can bring down the entire day. Pair with your Fly Fishing Outfit a Fly Fishing Tackle Bag and spare Fly Reel. Accidents happen when you least expect them, after all, and you’d be better off prepared!

Make 2020 your best year yet. Grab a Fly Fishing Outfit, a Fly Rod Reel and a love for adventure!

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