Be Sure to Install Quality Containment Netting Before the Big Game

Temporary baseball fencing

When it comes to recreational activities, everyone has their favorite hobby. And while the whole point of having a beloved hobby is to unwind, have fun, and relieve stress, there are often precautions that need to be taken as well. Many hobbies that require physical activity can cause injury if not approached in the right manner. This is why there is a learning and practicing period for every sport, even if you are a natural. Learning how to protect yourself and others is just as important as having a good time or ending up with a win.

From donning the right gear to setting up equipment

There are some sports and hobbies, such as running, that do not require much additional gear or equipment. The right running shoes are, of course, essential to a healthy runner, and some opt for devices like GPS watches, route and pace tracking apps, or for long haul runners, snacks on the go for replenishing protein and electrolytes. But many sports call for much more equipment to even be able to participate. In football, you need a good ball, a helmet and sufficient padding, good cleats, and some sort of marker or indicator to show your field, touchdown zones, and goalposts. In tennis you need the right shoes and racket, and you can hardly hope to play without a net.

The list goes on. Many athletes actually develop a preference and a connection to a favorite type or brand of shoe or equipment that is necessary in their sport. In team and individual sports, it is up to the participant to come prepared with the right shoes, apparel, and sometimes pieces of personal equipment. But if you are heading up a league, club, or organization, it will be up to you to ensure that all of the necessary equipment is available. If you are starting from scratch, this could include containment netting to keep flyaway baseballs or soccer balls from disappearing or injuring spectators and passersby.

Why you definitely should not skip the containment netting

A lot of times, when throwing together a game or league, it is easy to give in to the urge to simply kick things off with the bare bones of what is needed. It is all about the love of the game, after all! However, depending on the sport you are playing, skipping out on some of the necessities could prove to be a very bad choice. Touch football is one thing, but if your group of friends or fellow football enthusiasts are particularly competitive or looking to release some steam, you are probably going to want padding and helmets. Tennis courts are often confined within high fences, which allows you to conveniently keep track of your tennis balls, but it also prevents any particularly hard swings from launching a ball into an unsuspecting victim off of the courts. Even more crucial than keeping tennis balls within the tennis courts would be containing flyaway baseballs. Those could do a lot more damage, because of the higher speeds at which they are pitched and hit, and because the ball itself is so much harder.

Having containment netting around a baseball or softball field is important. From batting cages to large stadiums with permanent sports fencing, that netting plays a vital role in keeping people safe. Think about the fact that anywhere from 30 to 40 baseballs are fouled into the audience during one average professional game, and that each of those foul balls could potentially reach the first row of the stands in less than one second. Properly placed containment netting could prevent serious injuries from those foul balls.

Recreation is important. Life is meant to be fun, and should be enjoyed by way of whatever your favorite sport or hobby happens to be. But maintaining the health and safety of yourself and those around you is crucial as well, so awareness and proper equipment is only going to make everyone happier in the long run.
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