Finding Doctored Baseball Bats for Sale

Many sports are played around the world today, and most sports call for specialized equipment, balls, and clothing to play. Soccer requires a ball and goal nets, while tennis calls for a court and racquets. Golf is known for its expansive courses, golf clubs, and little white golf balls, and baseball is distinctive for its baseball bats and catcher’s mitts. Baseball and softball are quite popular today, especially in the United States and Japan, and pro athletes and amateur players alike are going to need the right gear. This includes baseball bats, which may be either wood or metal models. Any wooden or metal bat will work fine, but some players want to find rolled bats for sale, and rolled and shaved baseball bats for sale offer more qualities than regular ones do. But how can doctored bats be made? Rolled bats for sale can be bought online, or a player can make one for themselves when they visit local baseball bat shaving and rolling services.

Rolled Wooden Bats

Ash wood is the traditional material for making baseball bats, and that continues well into the present day. A wooden bat is made up of wood fibers, and as a bat is used during gameplay, the trauma of striking baseball bats will bend and break those fibers. This is to be desired, since enough gameplay will fully break in a wooden bat, thus making it more flexible and able to strike balls further. Many players have access to prized broken-in wooden bats, but they might not want to risk damaging those bats during long practice sessions. Or perhaps a new player just wants to get their hands on a top-performance wooden bat for casual games. Either way, a player may look online among secondary sellers for rolled bats for sale, or they can take a wooden bat to a shaving and rolling service nearby.

At a rolling service, a wooden bat will be passed through a series of pressurized rollers that will distress the bat and bend and break its fibers, rapidly simulating many hours of gameplay. Care should be taken so that the bat is not distressed too much, though, or else it may simply break. But if this is done correctly, the owner now has a rolled bat whose performance matches that of a fully broken in bat, and this is very useful for practice sessions or for casual gaming. Take note, though, that rolled bats for sale or other modified bats are not allowed in sanctioned games, and professionals might identify them on sight anyway. They are meant for casual games and practice only, so players can enjoy their enhanced performance right away.

Shaved Metal Bats

Meanwhile, what about metal baseball and softball bats? These bats don’t have wooden fibers to distress and break in, but instead, these metal bats can be shaved for enhanced performance. A metal bat is not solid; it is hollow, and it has padding on the inside that protects the bat and makes it flexible during gameplay. Here again, an interested buyer can find shaved bats for sale online, or they can visit local bat modification services.

In the latter case, a metal bat has its end cap removed to expose the hollow interior, and that bat is placed on a lathe table and slowly fed to a rotating grinder. This grinder will then scrape off a few ounces of material, and care should be taken so the grinder doesn’t remove too much. If too much material is removed, the bat will become too fragile to use, and may shatter during gameplay. For similar reasons, no padding should be ground off of the handle’s interior. But if this process is done correctly, then the bat is removed from the lathe table and its end cap is replaced. Now it is ready for use.

Doctored metal bats aren’t allowed at sanctioned games and they don’t perform well in temperatures under 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but they are a fine choice for casual games where league rules are not enforced. Shaved bats are more flexible than off-the-shelf models, and they can send a ball further when the batter scores a hit. Casual players are bound to love that enhanced performance.

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