The Importance of Choosing the Right Shaved Baseball Bat

In baseball, it actually pays when you try to use every advantage at your disposal. This should be done irrespective of your skill and experience in the sports. Most of the players in baseball pay special attention to how they choose their gloves and cleats. While this is an amazing way of improving handling during the game, another critical aspect of the game is choosing the right bat. The concept of bat rolling and shaving is not new in baseball and softball. Using rolled easton bats in baseball ensures that you acquire improved performance once you step to the plate. Whereas using bat shaving and rolling might not be much of a challenge, knowing the right shaved baseball bats to use is not as straightforward as many people assume it to be. You need to understand your game play as well as some physical attributes for you to get the right rolled easton bats. Apart from the player, bat shaving itself should be done in a manner that complements the user. To start with the basics, let’s look at what rolled and shaved baseball bats are all about.

The Benefits of Shaved Baseball Bats
One of the main reasons why players seek bat shaving service is because a shaved bat improves batting capabilities consistently over time. Once you have selected the right bat from rolled easton bats, you will realize your at-bats will improve significantly over time. Using rolled easton bats helps improve the quality of your swings as well as enhance your grip on the bat. If you frequently play baseball and sometimes feel like you are losing the grip on your bat or that your swings are sometimes tedious, chances are that you are using the wrong bat. So what really is bat shaving? Without getting too much into the details, bat rolling and shaving services involve removal of some material from your bat. While the difference in weight might go unnoticeable, rolled easton bats are much lighter hence providing for a much lighter swing. The main benefit of using a lighter bat in baseball is that it increases your motion and reduces reaction time. Even through observation, you can easily tell when a player is using rolled easton bats.

Choosing a Bat Shaving and Rolling Services
There are many services out there offering bat shaving and rolling services or juiced bats. The problem is that not every of these services is genuine. When you send your bat to a company for rolling and shaving, you expect that the finished product will somehow offer a different gameplay. With many people not being able to tell whether their bats underwent any changes, this has opened up an opportunity for unscrupulous bat shaving companies to return the bats as they were but still charge for shaving and rolling services. This is the reason why it is important that you choose a service that has a good track record in bat shaving and rolling. A good starting point is by asking for recommendations from fellow players who use shaved bats. Ask them where they had their bats shaved or rolled and kick start the process of having your baseball bat shaved. In addition, you can check online for different businesses involved in the trade. Once you narrow down on a few of these businesses near you, make initial contact and get a quote for bat shaving and rolling services. You can even do a price comparison between different services to get the best deal.


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