Four Awesome Camping Gear Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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We have almost reached the halfway mark of 2016. As May whizzes by us, we are at the cusp of June. As June approaches, so does Father’s Day. Along with Father’s Day comes that age-old question of what to get the man who has everything.

Your father made sacrifices you might not even know about to give you everything you needed growing up. He came to all of your sports games and got into fights with the ref. He read you Dr Seuss books and tucked you into bed at night. He took the risk of personal injury to check for monsters under the bed and in the closet on your behalf. He taught you important life lessons that have made you into the person you are today. What we’re saying is, your dad deserves more than a Facebook shoutout on his special day. Give him a gift that will really show him how much you appreciate him on Father’s day, and all year long.

If your father is an outdoor aficionado, giving him the gift of camping gear is something that will truly bring tears to his eyes. In order to help you out, we put together a list of awesome camping gear gift ideas to treat your father to that will meet all of his camping needs. Sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.

Four Camping Gear Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

  1. Camping Gear Gift Idea Numero Uno: A Really Legit Tent

    A good tent is one of the most important camping supplies any outdoors man will need. Since your camper has to carry his shelter on his back over long distances and a variety of terrain, you want to give him something that is durable, but lightweight. Look for a a tent that is comprised of waterproof material to keep the rain and pests out, but is made of a light fiber that won’t be a burden for your father to carry with him on his adventure.

    Bonus features that tent shoppers should look for include double-walled construction to keep the inclement weather out, and nice interior space. Other great options to look for are pockets and hanging loops, that allow the camper to make the most of vertical space.

  2. Camping Gear Gift Idea Number Two: An Awesome Sleeping Bag

    Although it seems like a basic camping tool, having a great sleeping bag can make or break an outdoor adventure. There are a hundred and fifty different features to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag; the most important considerations to look for new sleeping bag for your father is something lightweight that compresses to fit into a backpack, yet it provides great comfort and warmth. All the other perks are just icing on the cake.

  3. Father’s Day Camping Gear Gift Number Three: A GoPro.

    As they say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” We don’t know how campers survived in decades past; now, every avid outdoors-man should have a GoPro to strap to their forehead on their adventures. Being able to record the wonders of the world around them, as well as the intense activities they participate in, is a gift that keeps giving. Your father will cherish his GoPro and think about how you are his favorite child for years to come. Not to mention, you can get him accessories to go with his GoPro for every holiday from here on out.

  4. Fathers Day Gift Idea Number Four: A Great Camping Backpack.

    Whether your father’s camping activities require climbing gear, scuba diving equipment, archery stuff, or fishing tools, every adventure outing requires a good backpack to lug the gear around in. As we mentioned before, weight should be your biggest consideration. When buying a good backpack, look for something lightweight, that has lots of interior real estate for filling with all of your fathers camping needs.

In Conclusion

If you get nothing else from this handy list, we want you to remember this one take away: Your father does not want a tie for Father’s Day. You are too old to make him a macaroni statue. If you want to really wow your father, head to your nearest sports store and treat him to something he’ll really get some enjoyment out of.

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