How To Make Biking A Part Of Your Daily Life

Bicycle roof racks

Once upon a time, it seemed that you couldn’t get anywhere without a car. Traveling by car on a daily basis was something we all took for granted. Cars are, after all, supposedly easier to get around in; cars once held a certain level of association with independence, too. In recent years, however, the world has become familiar with not only how harmful to the environment cars are, but how “worth it” they actually aren’t. Cars are expensive — not only to buy outright, but to maintain. Millennials are finding it more and more difficult to pay for cars and the gas and repairs it takes to keep them running. They also tend to find them unnecessary. Why drive to work in a car when you could ride your bicycle? There are plenty of reasons why riding a bike could be a healthier, more enjoyable experience than driving a car. Furthermore, bikes are more accessible than you might think.

Why Traveling By Bike Is Simpler Than You’d Think

One of the main reasons why people don’t use their bikes as much as they could is that they find it to be difficult or a “hassle”. The fact is that riding your bike more often doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drive your car. Riding your bike for pleasure or exercise in fact can involve using your car to access trails and parks. Bike hitch racks make transporting bicycles by car far easier. By choosing the right bike hitch racks, you can move multiple bikes at once. High-quality bike hitch racks are steady and sturdy, making transporting your bicycles not only simpler but safer. Those moving bikes by car without bike hitch racks risk not only damaging their bicycles but causing traffic accidents through loosely secured bicycles. With 71% of Americans saying that they would like to bicycle more, bicycle racks for cars could be the answer to making bike travel easier. Recumbent bike racks are also options; you can even buy a trike bike rack should you have a child that wants to come along!

How You Can Incorporate Biking Into Your Everyday Life

Incorporating bikes into your everyday life involves more than just choosing the best bicycle rack for your car. It also means finding new ways to make biking more accessible for you. Say, for instance, that you want to spend more time with your partner. Biking doesn’t have to be a solo activity. In fact, many find that tandem biking is even more fun than they’d imagined! Although tandem bikes currently make up only 1% of bike sales, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t give them a chance. As far as bicycling goes in general, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to easily add bicycling into your weekly routine. Just a little bit of biking can change your life dramatically for the better. With only three hours of biking per week, you can reduce your chance of heart disease or stroke by 50%. If your commute is short enough, you can also bike to work or school. There is a reason why, if possible, it’s good to have a car handy — biking doesn’t easily allow for the transport of heavy groceries, for example. But when thinking about your daily life, imagine little ways that biking can be added in. You would be amazed by what you can come up with!

Bicycling can also have positive benefits for your mental health as well. There are so many ways that biking can make you feel better about yourself. Not only will the physical benefits have a good affect on your outlook — biking is simply a great hobby. You experience more of the natural world while biking. Should you need privacy, it gives you that; if you want to spend more time with friends or family, biking can be a group event. The most important advantage of biking is that it is what you make of it. You’re never limited in options.

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