How Can We Encourage Responsible Gun Ownership? The Right Concealed Carry Holster Can Help

Double mag carrier

What does it mean to be a responsible gun owner? First and foremost it means taking every possible precaution to keep both yourself and others safe from harm. This can be as elaborate as finding the right trigger holster for your particular model or as simple as double-checking the safety before you leave the house. There are multiple benefits to having a custom leather holster, due in no small part to the convenience it provides.

New gun owners and experienced owners alike could learn a few things about buying the right holster. It all starts with a few questions!

Did You Know?

Dive into some common (and less common) knowledge about gun ownership in America before you start looking into a custom leather gun holster to complete your set-up. A recent survey conducted earlier in summer of 2017 concluded there are nearly 17 million concealed carry permit holders across the country. That’s as many as 7% of the American adult population having a concealed handgun permit. With gun safety conversations on the rise, it falls on you to exercise responsibility every single time you handle a firearm.

State Laws

A responsible gun owner needs to be deeply familiar with not just their state laws, but all state laws while owning a firearm. As of now thirty-one states allow people to openly carry a handgun without a license. Fifteen states either require a general license or a state-required permit. A trigger holster is a great way of reducing your risk of an accident, providing you a safe and reliable means of storing your firearm when you’re not using it. While putting your handgun in your pocket or waistline looks cool, it’s very risky and could lead to someone getting hurt!

Gun Statistics

The most common kind of gun owned by Americans as we know it is the handgun. This is due to its portability, small size and ease of use — a recent study saw over 70% of all respondents saying they own one or more handguns. People also own guns for a variety of reasons. Some are interested in picking up hunting as a hobby, while others are more concerned for their safety. Roughly a quarter of gun owners say they carry it outside their homes at all time, thanks to a recent study, and nearly half say they regularly visit a shooting range or gun range.

Common Habits

Before you start considering which trigger holster to invest in, learn more about the common habits and preferences exercised by American gun owners. The three traditional concealed carry options are the upper torso, the waistline and the ankle. The most preferred location for a concealed carry handgun, specifically, is still the waistline. Consider what is most comfortable for you and your build when you visit a certified gun shop and start looking into gun holsters.

Buying The Right Gun Holster

You put your gun away somewhere roaming hands won’t find it every time you sleep. You visit a gun range to brush up on safety and accuracy. When you invest in a trigger holster you continue to push forth a positive and aware attitude toward responsible gun ownership. A good place to start finding the right trigger holster is to determine your needs right off the bat. Do you have any state laws prohibiting certain types of holsters? Would you rather carry your firearm on your shoulder or waistline?

The best concealed holster does what every other small effort does…it creates responsible gun ownership to be enjoyed by all!

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