How to Go Garage Sale Hunting for Quick Ebay Cash

When you pull up to a garage sale, chances are you’ll find things you never expected. From old cars, license plates, wine glasses, and landscape materials for sale, to strange and obscure artistic decor that you can’t quite define. Despite the unpredictability of it all, people young and old love to try their luck at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales.

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Several people have hit the big time by buying cheap items from thrift stores and garage sales and flipping them for a profit on the popular shopping app eBay, and you can too! This video provides an introduction to flipping for eBay, and what you should look out for at your next garage sale visit.

Some of the biggest money-makers that you can score at garage sales are collectible trading cards, Beanie Babies, and old original books. In some cases, you can also find old collectible art pieces or dishware that can sell for hundreds on eBay. Estate sales, in particular, are usually quite unexpected, so sellers don’t have time to research each piece they are selling. If something intrigues you, give it a Google search and see if it’s worth flipping!


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