Learn What It Takes to Be a Pilot

The term pilot is often used generally to refer to individuals who fly an aircraft. But because there are so many different types of aircraft, there are, in turn, many types of pilots. The training periods may be different for each. Pilots can also learn new courses or improve on existing skills. CE-525 trainings offer a Pilot in Command type rating that can be added to your license. If a pilot is interested in any aircraft in the citation jet series, they may want to start by watching the video, Citation 500 Series – Cockpit Preflight Setup.

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It talks about prior setups, preflight inspections, and much more.

Most of the initial training for Citation 525 provides an extensive overview of aircraft systems, performance, and various procedures. Trainees are instructed in a manner that allows them to gain the knowledge and skill to maneuver both routine and emergency protocols. It is a course that adds to the skill and rating of a pilot’s certificate.

These CE-525 trainings are suitable for pilots who seek to accelerate their Pilot in Command type rating. The courses are often flexible such that classes and schedules can be based on previous aviation training and flight experience. A pilot may also opt for a single pilot training, i.e., CE-525S. The initial training is 12 days long, and it is an excellent way to build a solid foundation.

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