The Best Way to Fill Your SCBA Bottle

This video will show you the best way to fill your SCBA bottle. A Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) bottle is a vital component that supplies oxygen to industrial experts working in toxic, oxygen-deficient environments. Therefore, learning to fill your SCBA bottle is a non-negotiable requirement if you work in such environments. The best way to fill your SCBA bottle is through an SCBA compressor.

A standard SCBA compressor comprises various parts, including a pressure gauge, an o-ring, filters, and pressure relief valves.

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Conducting a dry run to eliminate moisture is a mandatory requirement before filling your SCBA bottle. You can then connect the compressor o-ring to your SCBA bottle.

Ensure you put the bottle in a bucket of water to maintain its temperature during filling. You can then close the relief valves and start the compressor. Keep inspecting the gauge, so you do not fill your bottle beyond its capacity. Once your bottle is filled, close the anterior valve to prevent air loss. Open the relief valve to allow you to loosen the o-ring from your bottle. Ensure you use a separate pressure gauge to release any excess pressure in your bottle.

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