Marinas Depend on Sturdy Docks for Successful Boating Seasons

Dock ladders

According to statistics from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), there are more than 800,000 boat slips at around 12,000 marinas, boat yards, yacht clubs, and other similar facilities. That means, in many places, boaters have a number of different choices for docking their boat. So if marinas want to thrive, they’ll have to invest in top-quality equipment to set themselves apart from others and attract boaters. Without floating docks that are built to be strong, that will be difficult.
Generally, marinas are small operations and about half employ just five to nine mostly-seasonal employees. As a result, every loyal customer they can get is important. So while some might be tempted to use shortcuts when installing floating docks, the most successful marinas will invest in dock floats that can easily handle even rough waters when the weather turns and a number of other items that help make sure boats are not damaged while their owners aren’t out enjoying the sunshine. Padded dock bumpers can also be a great addition in that regard.
When it comes to securing boats and making sure that docks do not waver, marina owners and dock builders need to use the top dock hardware available. For the most part, galvanized steel brackets, backing plates, pipe holders, and even just nuts and bolts are the best option. They offer the perfect combination of initial strength and long-term durability that make them an excellent choice in marine environments.
In order to really stand out, marina owners might also want to provide a number of other accessories that, simply put, make boating easier. Fiberglass dock boxes are quite convenient because they allow boaters to store items like extra life jackets or even fishing gear right at their boat so they don’t need to haul it from the car every time they want to hit the water. Marina owners can make them profitable by just renting them out, even at low rates.
Building dependable docks that are accessible and reliable for boaters is vital for successful marinas. That might be particularly true for smaller ones that depend on busy summers to stay in business. While some boaters might take for granted the fact that the dock they use is sturdy and reliable, but a lot of work and strong pieces are needed for that. The effort and investment in high-quality floating docks may separate great marinas from poor ones.

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