Take a Break From the Beach to Build More Memories on Your Family Vacation

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During the summer, loads of American families head to beaches on both coasts for fun getaways that allow them to spend some relaxing time under the sun. However, though spending an entire week on the beach might sound like a lot of fun, doing so is not always realistic. Between sunburn and bad weather, families often need to find other things to do while they are on their vacation.
Find Tasty Foods
Going out to eat, at least a couple of times, is a common part of many trips. But for a more rewarding experience, you might want to think about trying to find a local hot spot for lunch or an early dinner that doesn’t always appear on Google searches or in a travel brochure. Visiting those places might mean a little less time on the beach, but it is a great way to fully enjoy a city or town you’ve never visited before.
Hit the Mall
Of course, shopping for souvenirs is an important part of most every family vacation, and going to the mall is a nice way to spend a day away from the beach. Generally, they are air conditioned and a cool way to get off the beach and out of the sun. And, you won’t forget to bring something back to your in-laws!
While doing a bit of work on your vacation might not sound optimal, the best way to understand a new area is to get your hands dirty, so to speak. Helping out at a shelter or spending a day with kids can be quite rewarding and help turn your vacation into a more memorable experience.
View Wild Horses in North Carolina
The Outer Banks is a popular vacation spot, and enjoying wild horse tours is a fun way to take a break from the beach without leaving the sand. Outer Banks horses actually live on their own right on the beach, and it isn’t uncommon to see them wade a few steps into the water. So whether your kids have an interest in learning more facts about wild horses in North Carolina or you just want to enjoy them living on their own, tours are a great option for a relaxing afternoon.
If you’re going away on vacation just to relax and spend time with your family, then a day on the couch lounging will certainly not be wasted. The sun can wear on both kids and adults, and taking a day to simply laying around in the hotel or beach house will be quite worthwhile. Resting might not be as exciting or rewarding as Outer Banks wild horse tours, but is always enjoyable.
Spending several days in a row on the beach soaking up the sun always seems like a great idea. But many families will find that some other activities help keep everyone fresh and make trips more memorable. Preferences will vary, but activities like tours that showcase wild horses in North Carolina are always fun.

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