Shedding a Little Light on Why Dock Lights Are Important

Led underwater dock lights

Are you looking for a way to make your dock safer and more attractive? Consider looking into LED dock lights as a way to shed some light and enhance the beauty of your dock area. You can make a dreamy or romantic path of lights to the end of your dock that will also help people see where they’re going and prevent accidents. In 2015, there were over 4,000 accidents related to recreational boating in the United States. Having dock lights and boat lights can help reduce the number of accidents attributed to recreational boating. LED dock lights may even help attract marine life! According to scientists, blue, green, and white lights are your best bet for the colors most likely to attract sea creatures.

What Can Lights for Docks Do?


Of course, the most obvious reason to look at marine dock lights is for safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 800 children drown annually — and that number could be partially reduced by having the appropriate lighting around your dock. Whether you use LED dock lights or solar powered lights, illuminating a path in the darkness will help people know where they’re going. Light may help show people where things are wet and slick and let them know they should proceed more carefully. In a dark area — such as a private dock — lights can also help mark the start and end of the dock.


Having flood lights or even smaller lights may add an extra sense of security to your dock. Motion sensor lights will warn you of any thieves or another person’s presence on the dock. People are also less likely to try and commit some nefarious act when they’re in plain sight, thanks to lighting, so you can rest assured that your boats, equipments, and personal security are safer with dock lighting.


There’s no denying that a dock all lit up at night is beautiful. If you’re hosting a boat party or want to just sit out on the boat and gaze at the water, having the added atmosphere of beautiful lights can add an extra special touch. It can also make a dock look more charming or rustic, or more put together, depending on the lights themselves. You can go for a harsher or softer glow, depending on the mood you’re trying to set.

Why Choose LED Dock Lights?

LED dock lights are energy efficient and have a high light output, making them ideal for this type of work. You can even purchase underwater LED dock lights, which may increase your chances of seeing some marine life. Incandescent bulbs won’t give off a strong enough light for your needs — the clarity and strength of LED dock lights makes them an ideal choice for marine needs. They also tend to be made of sterner stuff to hold up under the elements, so you may find that you need to replace them less frequently than opposed to regular bulbs.

What Do Underwater Dock Lights Do?

If you’re an active fisherman, investing in underwater dock lights can attract fish right to your dock at night! Furthermore, they’ll illuminate the water around you, so you can see what you’re doing without scaring the fish away. Kids will have a blast night fishing and observing the fish drawn to the lights. Even if you’re not interested in fishing, it may draw some cool specimens to your dock that you can observe and learn about.

In general, underwater dock lights also tend to add more light to the surrounding area, increasing your safety and security as discussed above. These are often colored lights, in shades meant to attract fish to the light, and are not the same thing as general dock lights.

Don’t be lax about your safety in or around the water. Investing in dock lights is an excellent idea, particularly if you often host parties, have small children, or are active on your boat and its dock. You’ll be sure to thank yourself for the extra layer of security.

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