Why You Need High Quality Body Armor

Body armor plates

Body armor is an absolute necessity for first responders, who put themselves in harm’s way to protect order and protection for everyone else. Over the last three years, bulletproof body armor has saved the lives of over 3000 law enforcement officers. In New York City alone, 87 police officers have been saved by ballistic body armor since 1978.

Law enforcement safety is a number one concern for departments and officers alike. Protecting those that are out on the streets greatly ensures their chance of surviving a personal attack. According to available data, one-third of all police officer deaths is a result of a gunshot wound, which makes gunshots the second leading cause of death among police officers.

For police safety over 70% of departments as of 2013 required their officers to wear tactical gear at all times. While there are firearms that can penetrate most body armor, wearing it still increases the chances of survival.

An officer never knows what they may run into when responded to a call, stopping a vehicle, or approaching a scene. Requiring officers to wear their tactical gear at all times ensures they are protected even when doing seemingly mundane tasks.

Many have grown more aware of assaults on police officers in recent years as the country has gone through a politically heated time. While most assaults are in the commission of a crime or while trying to flee a crime, some have been targeted attacks against police departments and police in general. These targeted attacks have drawn attention to the dangerous nature of the job.

Officers today voluntarily put their lives on the line for the protection of others. They leave for work each day not sure if they will make it home. This is why it is essential they are provided with the best possible protection through high quality body armor.

Departments provide officers with protective gear, but many officers may also buy their own or tactical items that they are more comfortable with. Officers may choose to wear their vest all the time even if it is not required by the department. Each officer has to decide what steps they can take in addition to what the department requires to ensure their own safety.

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