Size, Speed And Price What You Should Look For When Buying A Used Boat For Sale

Buying a boat for sale is one thing. Buying the right boat for sale is another.

Choosing a boat is best done when you’re honest about what you want. After all, one person’s idyllic fishing vessel is going to look a lot different from a family’s vacation boat. The United States has seen a surge in boating excursions over these past few years and you’ve never been in a better spot to buy a boat that’s both flexible and affordable. Before you start browsing for a used boat for sale in Michigan check out the list below for the features you should be on the lookout for. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money, both of which can be better spent enjoying your next summer getaway in style.

What do you want out of your used boat?

Boating In America

From drifting across a favorite lake to wiling away the evening hours with a fishing rod, the boat is a beloved activity for many Americans today. This predominantly middle-class pursuit sees millions of American families, couples and individuals taking out their boats multiple times per year to enjoy the weekend and engage in favorable activities. It’s estimated over 90% of Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water. Is it at all surprising the yearly American sales of boats and marine products climbed by 3% in 2016?

Plenty Of Room

If you prefer to take out your boat when enjoying time with family or friends, a lot of room is a major feature you should keep in mind. Sales of new powerboats have been projected to increase between 6% and 7% over the course of 2016, which includes larger models to accommodate multiple people per trip. The recreational boating industry is also expected to rise by 10% over the next few years. Keep in mind, however, that the more people per boat, the more your speed will be affected.

Good Speed

For those that want to move quickly, smaller boats or boats with stronger engines may be closer to what you’re looking for. The average pontoon boat with a 115hp engine is able to reach just over 20 miles per hour with a maximum capacity of 11 people. Compare this to a pontoon boat with only one person, which can reach just over 30 miles per hour. When it comes to safety, it’s best to err on the side of caution and closely follow the maximum capacity when boarding a boat. The last thing you want during your time off is an accident!

Large Capacity

Do you like to store your catch at the end of the day? Do you plan on bringing swimming equipment? Even the best boat for sale won’t matter much if you’re unable to accommodate all your equipment. Over 90% of boats on the water, whether they’re powerboats or personal watercraft, are less than 26 feet in length. This is to make sure they can be trailered to a vehicle in local waterways. Your local Arctic Cat dealer will be able to determine how much room you need for friends, family and fishing equipment when you start shopping for your model.

The Best Boat Dealers

Now for a little review. Pontoon boats are often no larger than 26 feet, with many coming in smaller sizes to make them easier to store, carry and accessorize. Your pontoon boat can move faster with a lighter load, but a larger size will offer you more flexibility in storing equipment. Over 90% of boats sold in the United States are also made in the United States, to boot, and you won’t have to search far to find a store that can provide you with marine products and accessories.

Buy the right boat for sale. Find one that’ll make your fishing trips and family gatherings that much more enjoyable.

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