Preparing for your First Ziplining Trip

If you’re considering an adventure vacation for your next getaway, you’re not alone: nearly 5 million people in the United States have an active interest in action and adventure sports. Ziplining in particular is growing in popularity, allowing you to see beautiful vistas while reaching speeds of up to 50 mph. As you look into zipline tours for your family, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Dress appropriately.

Look at the weather forecast and check with your ziplining company in advance. As with other adventure vacations, they’ll often require that you wear a helmet and close-toed shoes. It’s also recommended that you wear shorts or long pants and keep long hair tied back. Often, kids zipline tours will provide harnesses, gloves, and other equipment in children’s and adults sizes. If it looks like there will be cold or rain, you can bring glove linings that slip into the gloves the company has provided.

Make sure you know who can go ziplining–and who can’t.

Kids zipline tours, canopy tours, and aerial trekking are all great bonding experiences for a family, but be aware that the sport may not be a good fit for everyone. Generally, zipline courses will have height, weight, and age requirements, so you’ll need to make sure all of your little ones are big enough for the trip. If you have family members with disabilities or some limited mobility, you’ll want to see what walking/standing/pulling requirements there are for the courses. Ziplining is not generally recommended for women who are pregnant.

Know that it’s normal to be afraid of heights.

Before you start your course, experienced guides will go through safety procedures and what to expect from your first ziplining adventure. Remember, you’ll be wearing protective gear and attached to a steel cable that is nearly an inch thick. Guides are used to working with individuals who may be afraid to zip and can often go in tandem with you. Many companies will allow you to come back and try again if you are too afraid to zip, but part of the thrill is in the leap (or zip) outside your comfort zone.

Remember that Safety is the First Priority

Always follow the safety protocols outlined by your guide. Ziplining is an exhilarating ride, but only if you listen to your guides and take proper precautions. Always work with a trusted zipline company with an experienced, trained staff.

Kids zipline tours in particular should be safe, fun, with just the right amount of thrill for your kiddos. For an all-encompassing adventure vacation, ask your zipline company if they offer other adventure sports as well, such as ATV riding or kayak tours.

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