The Countless Benefits Of Summer Camp For Kids

Kids fitness

In a busy and modern world, we tend to take exercise for granted. It can be difficult to get the commonly prescribed amount of exercise per day when you have another paper to turn in or your day is already filled to the brim with obligations. Children are still developing mentally and physically, with the CDC (The Centers For Disease Control) suggesting at least an hour of exercise daily for children and adolescents to remain in tip-top shape, and are under even more pressure than adults to maintain healthy growth. If you’re a parent finding your busy schedule too inflexible to permit the bare minimum, read on to learn more about summer camps — they’re a fun and viable way of getting your child the exercise they need.

Quick Facts

Did you know only one in three children maintain consistent physical activity? Children are now spending more time in front of the television or computer (a whopping estimated seven and a half hours!) than they are exerting themselves physically, which can lead to problems down the road like reduced immune systems and underdeveloped muscles. Even worse are diets, a near 40% consisting of grain desserts, pizza, fruit drinks and milk. Many schools across the country have come under fire for their lack of healthy food and parents, unfortunately, have to pick up the slack so their kids can stay fit and happy. Thankfully, summer camps are well-known for providing well-rounded meals for their busy kids. Lastly, not all camps are created the same — some are day camps, while others are located on the beach. Ask your kid which one they’d prefer to go to!

Useful Skills

Summer camp isn’t just a giant playground children attend for a few weeks — it also teaches your kids useful knowledge through fun activities that can apply to day-to-day situations, even life or death! Many kids still don’t know how to swim and formal swimming lessons can reduce chances of drowning in young children by as high as 88%. They can also participate in strengthening exercises like jumping rope, gymnastics and climbing trees. Kids fitness’ and nutrition is more important than ever in a society that struggles with everything from clean air to proper food in public schools and summer camps are proving to be a useful tool in giving them what they need, while allowing parents more time to attend to various obligations. Take a moment to look up summer camps in your area — it’s a mutually beneficial getaway both you and your kid will appreciate!

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