The Perks to Trying Exotic Hunting

Oklahoma hog hunting

Are you a hunting enthusiast? Are you tired of hunting the same animals year in, year out? You should visit a hunting ranch that offers exotic hunts, such as a hog hunt, wild boar hunt, or an Aoudad hunt! These hunts are a group activity, so deals on corporate hunts are often available, as well as group rates, if you want to go with a group of friends or family. You’ll be given guidelines for the ranch, sign a release form, and receive advice on movement and shot placement to minimize tracking time on your hunt. Many lodges or ranches have plenty of amenities as well, and it can be a great way to meet fellow hunters, compare techniques, and do a little bragging. In some cases, professional hunting guides may also travel with a hunting party to streamline the day.

Why a Hog Hunt?
It was Spanish explorers who brought pigs to North American 500 years ago and while many have been “domesticated,” today, there are over six million feral pigs across 39 states, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA also estimates that these feral hogs cause almost $2 billion in damage because they eat crops, contaminate water, and erode the land with their digging around water sources. A great number reside in Oklahoma — indeed, they’ve been spotted in all 77 Oklahoma counties at some point.

Hog hunting can be an exciting new venture for
the almost 16 million people who hunt in the United States. Hogs reproduce quickly, with 12 to 20 piglets being born every year. And they’re a smart opponent — pigs have over 1,100 olfactory receptor genes, compared to our 387, which means that they can sense smells from five miles away.

Wild boar hunting trips can also lend an element of
danger to the trip — wild boars have fearsome tusks, are the fourth smartest animal in the world, and they’re big to boot. Furthermore, their behavior can often be very aggressive and not easily predictable.

What Are Some of the Perks of Exotic Hunting?
If you’re in the hunt for the meat, trying more exotic animals like boar, Aoudad’s, axis deer, and more can provide a nice change in routine. They can also be a nice trophy, especially ibex or Aoudad horns. The novelty of hunting exotic animals can also provide fun stories to share later and is certainly a different experience than hunting a deer.

You’re also likely to do the hunting in groups and there’s bound to be a feeling of camaraderie as you set off for your day of hunting. They can also offer support when you’re hunting at night, especially if you’re newer to the sport.

The ranches also cater to visitors, often offering shooting ranges, excellent food, and comfortable cabins to bunk down in. Once you return to the ranch with your kill, there are also staff on hand who can skin and quarter your animal if you don’t want to do it yourself.

What Makes For a Good Hunting Ranch?

The answer to this question often depends on what kind of hunting experience you’re looking to have. If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, you’ll probably want accommodations with heating or AC, perhaps a kitchen, and a fun surrounding town, where you can pick up a bite to eat or do a little looking around. You might be looking forward to working with a professional guide or not having to worry about skinning or cleaning your animal afterwards.

If you’re looking for a more rustic experience, you may not want — or need — so many amenities. In either case, however, a good hunting ranch should cater to the needs and expectations of the guests. Hunting friends or colleagues who know your tastes may be able to refer you to a good exotic hunting ranch.

Try something new this season and look into a hog hunt or an Aoudad hunt! It’s sure to be a different experience and one that you may want to return to again and again.

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