Victor Robles Likely to Make Playoff Roster

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There are currently 100 countries that are part of the International Baseball Federation. Many baseball fans in America are preparing for the upcoming playoff games. These games will determine which two teams end up playing in the yearly World Series. The New York Yankees currently hold the most World Series victories with 27 wins. Many fans look to have their own custom Yankees jerseys due to this team’s extreme popularity. It’s easy to forget that the MLB’s youngest player is on the Washington Nationals and his name is Victor Robles.

It appears that the coaching team of the Nationals is strongly considering placing Robles in the upcoming postseason games. What makes the story of Robles more amazing is that he wasn’t supposed to be in the major leagues, at least not this year. Robles was called up after fellow Nationals player Brian Goodwin suffered an injury. Many fans are wanting their custom Nationals jersey to display Robles name because of his amazing recent appearances.

Robles first started out as a pinch hitter before his first starting appearance last week. In this game, Robles was able to hit an RBI double that would help the Nationals secure the NL East division title. It is likely that many fans will soon want custom Nationals jersey with Robles name appearing on the back. The Nationals still have a tough time ahead of them as they make their way closer to the World Series.

In summary, the youngest player on the entire MLB roster has just made a huge impact in his first starting game. Victor Robles, a player for the Washington Nationals, is turning heads with his impressive debut which helped his team win the NL East title. Many fans are wearing their Nationals jerseys with pride as their team gets closer to the World Series. Statistics show that the MLB has generated over $9 billion in revenue for 2016. Many fans are getting ready to increase those revenue numbers as the World Series fast approaches. It’s common for World Series tickets to fetch thousands of dollars each year. The Washington Nationals currently hold a 89-59 win loss record this season.

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