The Right Gloves for the Game

Most sports that are played today require the right equipment, and this often goes beyond the right balls (tennis balls, baseballs, etc) and the right clothing such as jerseys and grip-worthy shoes like sneakers. Many sports call for handheld equipment such as baseball’s namesake wooden bats, tennis rackets, or hockey sticks. Meanwhile, many athletes wear extra items on their bodies both to enhance their performance and to keep them safer, and these range from the sweat bands that some basketball players wear to helmets that baseball batters wear to shoulder pads found on American football players. American football requires many different actions, such as tossing and receiving the ball, carrying it, and kicking it. This is why football grip gloves are often used, to make it easier to throw and receive that ball. Sometimes, an entire game might be decided based on whether or not a receiver catches that ball or if the quarterback can throw it accurately, so football grip gloves are key. In other cases, weather permitting, these gloves might not even be needed. What is there to know about these football grip gloves, golf gloves, and related accessories?

Playing Football

Who is playing American football? Many people are, often high school and college athletes. The NFL’s player pool is highly selective, with very few college football players entering the NFL itself, but even non-pro players will want the finest gear on hand to play a fine game. In 2017, for a recent example, the total participants of tackle football in the U.S., aged six and over, came out to 5.22 million, quite a few players. And in th4e 2016-2017 educational year, participation in American high schools was close to 1.09 million, and even these teenager players take the game quite seriously and will want good gear for the game. There was a slight decline in overall player numbers from 2017-2018, but still, this sport captures the public imagination, and players will want some fine gloves to make big plays that the crowd will like to see.

Gear Up

What will a football player take to the field? At the very least, these players will wear their distinctive shoulder pads, jerseys, and helmets, since this game often involves forceful collisions. But there’s more to this sport than tackling; players are often throwing, catching, and carrying the ball, and without a good grip, something may go wrong. Some players use their bare hands, and if they bring a small towel with them, they can wipe their hands clean for a better grip. Hands that are slick with mud or water will slip on the ball, so wiping them dry will help.

In other cases, a football player will wear gloves, but those gloves must be made and used just right. For one thing, the player should take care to wear gloves of the right size, since too-small gloves restrict blood flow and don’t allow the fingers to bend correctly. Gloves that are a size or two too large will jostle around and may make for inconsistent catching, and that’s not to be desired, either. These gloves may include rubbery and upraised patches that make gripping the football easier, but here again, the player may use a hand towel to wipe those gloves dry. These players may want to use a specialized sticky spray on their football grip gloves to make catching easier, as well.


Another widely popular sport, golf does not involve any contact (or collisions) like football does, but still, this sport attracts many players around the world, most of all in the United States, Japan, and its native Scotland. Players have all sorts of equipment for this sport, from wooden tees to their clubs and a caddy to carry them in (and maybe even a golf cart). A golfer may also have a leather glove during the game. A player may test a new golf glove model with a cheaper version to get used to it, and once they are sure on the model of glove to buy, they are advised to buy a more durable, authentic leather version. That glove glove can be kept in a sealed bag to protect it from moisture or insects. These gloves are an investment to keep safe when not in use.

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