Things You Need to Know About Bat Shaving

Baseball as a sport involves a lot of batting something that puts the players under pressure to achieve the much desired home runs. However, hitting a home run is easier said than done. The bat that you are using is what makes the difference on how successful you will be in the game. In order to make as many home runs as possible, baseball enthusiasts and professionals have come up with ways of improving their performance through baseball bat shaving and rolling. Shaved bats and rolled bats increase the overall performance of the bat and subsequently the player’s performance in the game. Whether you play baseball as a hobby or as a professional, a shaved bat or a rolled bat can help improve your performance in the game. Simply put, the idea of using shaved and rolled softball bats or shaved and baseball bats is to increase the trampoline effect of the bat and subsequently improving the quality of play. This explains why there is an increase in the number of baseball bat shaving services or companies producing doctored bats. Before using shaved and rolled softball bats or shaved and rolled baseball bats, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration. For starters, there are unique situations that do not allow the use of doctored bats which means that using such bats is already an illegality by itself. For this reason, always know what kind of game play would allow you to use shaved and rolled softball bats or baseball bats. Below are some of the things you should know if you are considering using shaved and rolled softball bats or baseball bats.

What is Bat Rolling and Shaving?
When you buy a wooden baseball or softball bat, such a bat is ready to use immediately it is purchased. What happens is that when you buy a composite bat, it will require break-in before it can be used effectively. This is where the concept of bat rolling was born whereby bat rolling involves break-in of a new composite bat in order to increase its performance. The process is done using a specialized roller that stretches the composite fibers on the barrel of the bat with the aim of improving the trampoline effect of the bats. It is this trampoline effects that baseball players are looking for in order to achieve a higher speed and distance when batting. Some of the key advantages of bat rolling are that apart from the ball gaining more speed and distance, the player too experienced improved performance. Bat shaving on the other hand involves shaving the inner walls of the bat with the aim of improving the batting performance. During the process, the end cap is removed and the inner walls thinned to increase the trampoline effect of the bat. It is recommended that the bat be rolled first before being shaved so as to rule out any need of break-in time.

Is Bat Shaving and Rolling Legal
There has been an ongoing debate regarding the legality of bat shaving and rolling. To start with, bat rolling is not considered illegal as there are many instances where composites bats undergo rolling before being certified for use. However, bat shaving is considered as an illegal practice especially in professional softball and baseball. This is because, shaving is seen as more of altering the bat since there is no set standard as to how the bat will be shaved. This means depending on the extent of the trampoline effect, the distance restrictions that are put by different associations might not be within the set limits. This however does not mean that you cannot use a shaved bat. Shaved bats are very effective especially during practice as it can improve your overall performance. When used in a controlled environment, shaved bats will do just filed. However, make sure that the use shaved bats are restricted to practice and if found in use on the field, the player is automatically disqualified. The next time you are considering using shaved and rolled softball bats or baseball bats, having some information about the settings to use such bats is necessary.


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