Which Starter Boat is Right For You?

Boating is a super fun hobby. It is a great way to relax. You can feel the wind blow through your hair as you glide over the beautiful blue waves. If you don’t have a boat yet, you have two options. You could consider boat rentals for a short journey. You could also purchase a starter boat if you plan on using the boat long-term.

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In this video, you will learn about a few of the best starter boats on the market.

The first boat on the list is a R160 by Robalo. The boat is on the smaller side at 16 feet long. However, it is also the cheapest at $23,295. Despite its size, it can carry 600 pounds. There is still plenty of room for a small family.

Next on the list is the Scarab 195. This boat has a 250 horsepower engine that allows it to go 42 miles per hour. This boat is excellent for beginners because the propeller is internal which means that you won’t accidently hurt someone with it. This boat is also slightly larger than the R160, coming in at a length of nearly 19 feet.


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