What is a Slow Motion Camera and How Does it Work?

    50000 frames per second camera

    Slow motion cameras first came in handy back in 1878 when Edward Muybridge used one to answer the age-old question about a horse?s gallop. Experts wanted to know if there was ever a point at which all four hooves were off the ground at once during a horse?s motion of gallop. The slow motion camera was able to capture that very moment, confirming the hypothesis.

    The shutter speed of the cameras that captured the gait were operating at 1/2000 s, which now seems like nothing compared to the one million frames per second reached by some of today?s most impressive high speed cameras.

    How does a slow motion camera work?
    Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second, ran Continue Reading

    How a Single Pin Hole Changed the World Forever

    Phantom v1610

    What’s more interesting than watching footage shot from high speed cameras and super slow motion cameras? Camera technology has progressed to the point where it is possible to hide a camera in the head of a pin, but in this age of Youtube and selfies do you know the humble beginnings of photography? It might surprise you to know that much of photography started as an accident.

    The Advent of All Photography, the Pinhole Camera

    In these modern days cameras can cost you anywhere from a couple of dollars to over to hundreds of thousands, but the beginning of every Continue Reading

    Four Awesome Camping Gear Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

    Shooting range

    We have almost reached the halfway mark of 2016. As May whizzes by us, we are at the cusp of June. As June approaches, so does Father’s Day. Along with Father’s Day comes that age-old question of what to get the man who has everything.

    Your father made sacrifices you might not even know about to give you everything you needed growing up. He came to all of your sports games and got into fights with the ref. He read you Dr Seuss books and tucked you into bed at night. He took the risk of personal injury to check for monsters under the bed and in the closet on your behalf. He taught you important life lessons that have made you into the person you are today. What we’re saying is, your dad deserves more than a Facebook shoutout on his special day. Give him a gift that will really show him how much you appre Continue Reading

    How To Make Biking A Part Of Your Daily Life

    Bicycle roof racks

    Once upon a time, it seemed that you couldn’t get anywhere without a car. Traveling by car on a daily basis was something we all took for granted. Cars are, after all, supposedly easier to get around in; cars once held a certain level of association with independence, too. In recent years, however, the world has become familiar with not only how harmful to the environment cars are, but how “worth it” they actually aren’t. Cars are expensive — not only to buy outright, but to maintain. Millennials are finding it more and more difficult to pay for cars and the gas and repairs it takes to keep them running. They also tend to find them unnecessary. Why drive to work in a car when you could ride your bicycle? There are plenty of reasons why riding a bike could be a healthier, more enjoyable experience Continue Reading

    Are You Interested in Becoming a Competitive Cheerleader?

    Plastic megaphones

    The competitive high school cheer programs at many schools have long and established histories. These developmental and competitive programs often consist of of talented, hardworking, and devoted cheerleaders who have often devoted years to their sport. They are exceptional well conditioned athletes who practice several hours a week. These groups are involved in both school spirit and competition at the national level. The schools with the most distinguished competition records list wins at National High School Cheerleading Championships across the country, as well as in state championships.
    In addition to cheering, these squads regularly volunteer at community service activities such as Cystic Fibrosis Walks, City Missions and Soup Kitchens, and many other community events. And while the cheering that Continue Reading

    5 Reasons Not to Mourn the Baby Days

    Youth football helmet visors

    So, it’s time for your babies to pick their extra curricular activities! Your so busy picking out types of youth football equipment or figuring how how to find the right catchers mitt, you haven’t really had a chance to realize how quickly your little ones are growing up. Sure, you’ve Googled ‘how mouthguards help to prevent injuries’ or ‘how football helmet visors prevent injury’ because you don’t want them getting hurt but it’s not until now that you’ve realized your baby is growing up. Or maybe it hasn’t actually hit you yet. Well, after going through the types of youth football equipment he’ll need and making sure everything is in order, it’s going to hit you. Once Continue Reading

    Getting it on Film Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

    Super high speed camera

    We as a society are quite enthralled with the idea of capturing moments in time. It may come from a sense of vanity for some, or for others perhaps it stems from a fear of fleeting memory. Some just like the beauty of looking back at a specific moment in time. Whatever the reason, society has become almost dependent on cameras. Almost everyone has some sort of device that has the capability to take pictures, and most people carry these devices with them everywhere. But we would be doing ourselves a disservice to forget that capturing moments, whether in photograph or video, is an art form to be toyed with and experimented with. From the use of super slow motion cameras to an ultra high speed camera, the possibilities are endless.

    Popularity of super slow motion cameras and high spee Continue Reading

    3 Facts You’ll Learn at a Firearms Training Center

    Pistol training san diego

    Did you know that as of 2014, 34% of households owned guns? There?s a few different reasons you should opt for a firearms training center. Key among them is that guns are not safe when wielded by an inexperienced user — you are more likely to injure yourself or someone you know if you are trying to work a gun for the first time in an instance of panic.

    Although guns can be potentially dangerous, there are obvious benefits to owning one for the sake of protecting yourself. Violent crimes occur every 26 seconds in the U.S., for example, and women use firearms about 200,000 times a year to defend themselves against sexual assault. So, instead of putting away you Continue Reading

    Boating to a Better Pace of Life


    Sometimes we just need to get away from the crazy busy lives we live. Getting away can mean something different for everyone. It could be a resort spa, a weekend at the beach, a shopping trip, or getting out of the city and into the great outdoors for some hiking, camping, and maybe some boating and fishing as well. While a fishing trip may not be for everyone, for those who would gladly partake in such an adventure, it could prove to be exciting, adventurous, and everything in between, depending on what each person is looking to get out of it, and that is the beauty of it!

    Boating away from the busy life

    If you have never considered boating or fishing as a getaway or even a regular pastime, it may be time to entertain the thought. It is quite popular, with over 16.8 million bo Continue Reading

    Things to Consider When Going Fishing

    San diego fishing trip

    If you were planning on going on a deep sea fishing trip or sports fishing you may want to consider organizing an actual fishing tour. Fishing charters and other kinds of guides are available for fishing tours and unless you were extremely, a grande fishing expedition is not something that you want to attempt to load. Here are some things to consider when organizing a fishing tour.

    How many people should go?
    Knowing how many people are going to be in your fishing tour will help you to determine where you want to fish and how long you should be out there as well as the type of fish that you are hoping to Continue Reading

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