5 Reasons Not to Mourn the Baby Days

    Youth football helmet visors

    So, it’s time for your babies to pick their extra curricular activities! Your so busy picking out types of youth football equipment or figuring how how to find the right catchers mitt, you haven’t really had a chance to realize how quickly your little ones are growing up. Sure, you’ve Googled ‘how mouthguards help to prevent injuries’ or ‘how football helmet visors prevent injury’ because you don’t want them getting hurt but it’s not until now that you’ve realized your baby is growing up. Or maybe it hasn’t actually hit you yet. Well, after going through the types of youth football equipment he’ll need and making sure everything is in order, it’s going to hit you. Once Continue Reading

    Getting it on Film Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

    Super high speed camera

    We as a society are quite enthralled with the idea of capturing moments in time. It may come from a sense of vanity for some, or for others perhaps it stems from a fear of fleeting memory. Some just like the beauty of looking back at a specific moment in time. Whatever the reason, society has become almost dependent on cameras. Almost everyone has some sort of device that has the capability to take pictures, and most people carry these devices with them everywhere. But we would be doing ourselves a disservice to forget that capturing moments, whether in photograph or video, is an art form to be toyed with and experimented with. From the use of super slow motion cameras to an ultra high speed camera, the possibilities are endless.

    Popularity of super slow motion cameras and high spee Continue Reading

    3 Facts You’ll Learn at a Firearms Training Center

    Pistol training san diego

    Did you know that as of 2014, 34% of households owned guns? There?s a few different reasons you should opt for a firearms training center. Key among them is that guns are not safe when wielded by an inexperienced user — you are more likely to injure yourself or someone you know if you are trying to work a gun for the first time in an instance of panic.

    Although guns can be potentially dangerous, there are obvious benefits to owning one for the sake of protecting yourself. Violent crimes occur every 26 seconds in the U.S., for example, and women use firearms about 200,000 times a year to defend themselves against sexual assault. So, instead of putting away you Continue Reading

    Boating to a Better Pace of Life


    Sometimes we just need to get away from the crazy busy lives we live. Getting away can mean something different for everyone. It could be a resort spa, a weekend at the beach, a shopping trip, or getting out of the city and into the great outdoors for some hiking, camping, and maybe some boating and fishing as well. While a fishing trip may not be for everyone, for those who would gladly partake in such an adventure, it could prove to be exciting, adventurous, and everything in between, depending on what each person is looking to get out of it, and that is the beauty of it!

    Boating away from the busy life

    If you have never considered boating or fishing as a getaway or even a regular pastime, it may be time to entertain the thought. It is quite popular, with over 16.8 million bo Continue Reading

    Things to Consider When Going Fishing

    San diego fishing trip

    If you were planning on going on a deep sea fishing trip or sports fishing you may want to consider organizing an actual fishing tour. Fishing charters and other kinds of guides are available for fishing tours and unless you were extremely, a grande fishing expedition is not something that you want to attempt to load. Here are some things to consider when organizing a fishing tour.

    How many people should go?
    Knowing how many people are going to be in your fishing tour will help you to determine where you want to fish and how long you should be out there as well as the type of fish that you are hoping to Continue Reading

    World Water Day and How You Can Celebrate It

    World water day

    There is no common bond that crosses every culture, ethnicity, and walk of life within humanity greater than the need for water. The human body is 60% water. Our brains are 70% water. Our lungs are 90% water. Every single day, every human on the planet must replace 2 quarts of water through their food and drink to survive. No matter how privileged, wealthy, or healthy you are, you are only as strong as your access to clean drinking water. Every human on the planet has this need.

    The Great Water Crisis
    The terrifying fact is, there is a startling number of humans who do not have access to the clean water they need to live on. One in every ten humans does not have access to clean wate Continue Reading

    Find Triathlon Bikes in San Diego


    Triathlons and other endurance sports have grown significantly in popularity over the last twenty year. According to USA Triathlon, the sport’s governing body within the United States, membership in their organization has risen from 100,000 in 1998 to 550,446 in 2013. Another report, this one coming from The Sports and Fitness Industry Association, asserts that the number of people competing in triathlon has increased by 59% from 2008 to 2011. According to their numbers, there are 1,251,000 participants in 2008 and 1,992,000 participants in 2011.

    A triathlon is in a category known as endurance or multi-sport events. Also, in these categories are Ironman races, Half-Iron races, marathon, half-marathon, and obstacle course competitions. The Ironman is essentially a triathlon but at the most competitive level. A Continue Reading

    5 Unusual Vacation Ideas for 2016

    River raft trips

    If you are one of the 77% of American who find outdoor recreation to be an important part of your livelihood, you are most likely looking for new ways to enjoy your time outside. While vacations are meant to be relaxing, that doesn’t mean they have to be lazy or mundane. Check out these unique vacation ideas to create long-lasting memories with your family:

    Your Backyard: All you need blankets, pillows and a tent (or a makeshift tent) to enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. Since you don’t need additional sleeping accommodations, you can enjoy a brief vacation for no money at all. While it won’t provide you with exciting, never-before-seen scenery, it will allow quality family time away from the digital technology that has overrun our everyday existence. If you’re feeling especia Continue Reading

    Are You Looking for a Magnetic Construction Set for Your Children?

    Magnetic tiles

    It should come as no surprise that adult coloring books and nice sets of colored pencils were some of the favorite Christmas gifts posted this year on social media sites. Scientific articles have recently talked about the therapeutic benefits of sitting and quietly coloring. As other newspaper articles talk about preschool stressing the youngest children out, it might be good to get back to the basics of how children spent their days a few generations ago. Coloring and building with blocks.
    What do you remember doing when you were young? Were you at organized play groups, or were you left to play with your brother and build blocks for hours while your mom was doing laundry in the basement? If you are looking to recapture the unstructured, less stressful time of your youth, maybe it is time that you quit pur Continue Reading

    From Camouflage to Coolers, Here’s What You Need for Your Next Hunting Trip


    These days, more than 38 million Americans go hunting and fishing each year, and rarely do they go by themselves. In fact, 82% of fishing trips involve more than one person, and hunting is often done in groups both for safety and for the sport of it. If you are one of the many people going on such a trip throughout 2016 or beyond, then you’ll need to make sure you have the right supplies for such a venture into the wilderness.

    What should you bring for your next hunting or fishing trip? Here are some essentials you won’t want to forget for one of these outings.

    1. The essentials: From your camouflage coveralls and orange safety vest (or life vest for boating) to your hunting rifle or fishing pole, you should make sure that you’re well-stocked for a successful hunt or productive fishing Continue Reading
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