Eliminate Sweaty Hands on the Golf Course With the Right Glove

According to Statistica, nearly 26 million Americans played golf last year. As a game that appeals to players young and old for its combination of skill, savvy and perhaps a bit of luck, golfers are always on the lookout for the next great tool to help them improve their scores.

Imagine having to sink a short putt with a tournament title on the line and losing grip on the club as the sun beats down on a hot day. Of all the tools in a golfer’s bag— golf balls, drivers, irons, putters—a glove might be one of the most important in a golfer’s arsenal. Gloves not only help improve grip on clubs, they help golfers deal with weather conditions and also physical conditions such as sweaty hands. When a hand sweats inside a glove, it can harden the glove and lead to a decrease in grip.

Sweaty hands can loosen a golfer’s grip on a club and adversely affect a golfer’s game as a result. Sweaty hands increase tension in the hands on swing and leaving a golfer unable to hit the ball where they want. Some golfers use tacky spray for golf grips, but a glove can offer a more consistent grip.

To combat sweaty hands, many sporting good and golf equipment companies make gloves to help control the problem and finding the best golf glove for sweaty hands can do wonders for improving a golfer’s game.

Golf Gear Hub offers some of their suggestions for the best golf glove for sweaty hands:

  • Nike’s Dura Feel glove is designed for all weather conditions and is a mix of leather, polyurethane and nylon for a good grip in the palm and thumb and breathability for the rest of the hand.
  • Callaway’s Dawn Patrol glove is all leather, but has perforations on the palm and fingers to help hands breathe.
  • FootJoy’s Golf Rain-Ready Grip glove is designed for wet weather, but offers great benefits to golfers dealing with sweaty hands. Sweat from heat or humidity actually increases the grip of the gloves and they are also breathable and dry quickly.

    • SweatAid offers their list of gloves for sweaty-handed golfers as well.

      • Hirzl Trust Control Textured Palm Kangaroo Leather glove works for golfers with medium handicaps and claims to offer five times more grip than other gloves and is 100 percent sweat resistant
      • The Hirzl Trust Control Smooth Palm Kangaroo Leather offers a lot of same benefits of the textured palm glove, but works for lower handicap players with the ability to give better feel and control.
      • FootJoy’s SraSof glove features advanced performance leather to guarantee better grip and moisture resistance. The glove also used PowerNet mesh, which allows for more comfort and breathability.

        • Before buying a glove, golfers should consider price, but should also take into account the type of material, the size, the feel of a glove, the features of a glove such as texture and what kind of glove may needed for sweaty hands or for weather conditions. Finding the best golf glove for sweaty hands will pay off in the long run, resulting in more comfort and lower scores.

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