Stay on Track with Dirt Biking for Beginners

The love of motorcycles isn’t fading any time fast. Nearly 472,000 motorcycles were purchased in the United States in 2017. While they are popular in many states, the most popular motorcycle states are California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Florida. The state that takes the lead with over 842,000 motorcycles currently registered is California.

However, the love of motorcycles goes beyond street motorcycles. Dirt bikes are also a popular choice for those that want to hit the trails instead of the pavement. Dirt biking takes a bike build specifically for higher speeds with more suspension travel and a lighter, taller build.

What Are Some of the Main Differences of Dirt Biking and Street Motorcycling?

While both a street bike and a dirt bike balance the same, they do have some differences. Dirt biking is usually done on rugged terrain offering limited traction. Therefore, you do not want to lean too hard or you stand the chance it will low side, or fall out from beneath you. Dirt bikes are typically ridden at a slower speed too.

Have the days of sitting back and riding the roads on a motorcycle that basically drives itself with traction control, variable power modes, gyroscopic braking controllers and top of the line gadgets become boring? Do you miss the days when riding off-road was more thrilling? You can recapture those days dirt biking!

How to Get Started Dirt Biking

There are a few things you need to know before you start dirt biking. Of course, you need all of the appropriate dirt bike equipment. You should also test drive dirt bikes until you find the one that fits your specifications too. Typically, you can find dirk bikes at a motorcycle dealer.

A Trail Riding Beginner’s Guide

Besides just understanding what you want in a dirt bike, it is important to speak with trail riding enthusiasts. They can offer you great advice, that you should take, since they know what it takes to hit the trail and hit it hard for optimized fun. Trail riders know what it takes to get started and can offer much-needed information including what type of bike you should begin with.

Trail Riding – Not to Be Confused with Motocross

Simply put, trail riding is all about riding a dirt bike for fun, spending time with your friends and turning back the clock to younger days when spitting dirt was thrilling. Dirt biking is not to be confused with racing. It is not a competitive sport where reaching the end of a track first is the goal. Just make sure your dirt bike is reliable and can handle rough terrain well.

Be prepared for a struggle. Before you wreck your dirt bike trying to tread up a steep or rocky hill, let someone help you. It’s better to ask for help than to wreck your bike. The longer you ride the more experience you get and the more you will improve. Learn from failures!

Dirt biking requires that you stay protected and survive the exhilarating off-road terrain. It takes the right kit to protect yourself because falling off of your bike, even in the mud, can hurt. Make sure you are wearing a great helmet, eye protection, elbow and knee pads, the right boots, riding pants, body armor, gloves and jackets. Once you are equipped what are you waiting for? Hit those dirt tracks and trails and don’t ever look back!

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