Take Me Back to the Ballgame!

This was supposed to be the summer.

For the first time your daughter has an apartment within three blocks of the College World Series and with this location she was planning to have a very full experience. After spending the time and expending the energy to drive from your West Omaha home to the stadium, this was the one summer when the logistics of attending the Greatest Show in Dirt would be simple. The one year health sciences program that she is enrolled in means that she simply could not make the commute to classes on a daily basis, so the apartment was a logical investment. The ideal location so next to the family’s favorite summer activity was an added bonus.

Like all things involving a crowd this summer, however, the College World Series has been cancelled and the best laid plans have been put to rest. Obviously disappointed, your daughter has done everything in her power to make the best of the situation. With clinicals cancelled and classes online, the added insult of cancelled activities has not been an easy pill to swallow. Fortunately, the park behind your West Omaha home has remained open most of the time. And even though the playground equipment was off limits, there was no keeping your daughter from driving out and using her shaved and rolled softball bats to revisit her favorite kind of sporting venue. Hitting on her own as a retired college athlete is certainly not as exciting as watching the top players in their sport at the National Championship tournament is not the same, but there is clearly nothing that will eliminate your daughter’s love for the sports that are played on any kind of diamond.

Baseball and Softball Bat Shaving and Rolling Services Can Help Athletes Hone Their Skills
Shaved and rolled softball bats do not do well in cold temperatures, but that is certainly not a problem during the summer months in the midwest. And while you are not supposed to use your shaved bat if it is colder than 65 degrees outside, it is important to realize whenever the weather allows, these specialized pieces of equipment can really help a player’s confidence and game.
If you have kids at home, and even if you do not, you likely have some people dealing with major disappointments this year. From cancelled games and seasons to postponed graduation parties, it is important to look for a way to help your children, both young and old, to deal with the challenges of the current situations. And for families that are especially athletic and used to spending these first days of at the ball diamond, the challenge of keeping young athletes motivated can be especially difficult. With the help of shaved and rolled softball bats and baseball bats, however, you might help rebuild the confidence of athletes who have been benched by the pandemic. And while these shaved and rolled bats are not legal for games, they do serve a valuable purpose during practices.
When it comes to a game like softball or baseball, confidence is everything. And a hitter who thinks that he or she is in a slump it is important to note that the use of shaved or rolled softball bats can help swingers work on their technique by giving the best results possible. No parent wants to see their children struggle and during this rarely experienced cancellation of everything that kids look forward to, it is important to note that there are times when a little extra inspiration can go a long way. Scheduling some one on one hitting practices with a respected coach and investing in the right kind of equipment allows athletes of any age make the most of the time while they wait for practices and games to resume.

What changes have you made since those first few weeks in March? If you are like most families, your overall calendar is full of cancellations. As parents work to help their children get the physical activities that so many children thrive this time of year it is important to note that there are ways to practice skills and techniques that can help getting back in the game a little smoother.

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