The Essential Guide to Buying a Pontoon Boat

Nearly 95% of boats that are sold in the United States have been manufactured in the United States. This includes pontoon boats. When you get ready to buy a pontoon boat for sale you can rest assured that you are making a sound decision based on the essential information provided here. Take your time and speak to a boat dealer that can assist you in learning everything you need to know about becoming a boat owner.

Purchasing pontoon boats can be an exciting experience for many people. There are some big choices that you need to make, including whether you want to purchase pontoon boats from a dealer that are new or used. Boat dealers are going to be able to help with some of those aspects. First you need to consider what capacity and size considerations you want.

Understand Capacity and Size Considerations

What size and capacity do you need for a pontoon boat? You need to consider the width and length you want. Size makes all the difference, especially when it comes to additional expenses you may not have considered. Come up with a budget that helps figure out expenses including how much you will spend on fuel, insurance, storage and docking, maintenance and repairs, for accessories and for the trailer size with appropriate towing capacity.

Consider starting off with pontoon boats of various sizes when making your selection. Start with more modest sizes and see how well you and your family fit and learn now to handle the boat. Most boat buyers purchase a modest-sized boat first and upgrade once they become more experienced.

Find out how much pontoon boats weigh when pre-planning so you will be able to figure that correct transportation options unless you plan on leaving your pontoon boat on the water permanently. You will need to know the dry weight of the boat so you know whether your trailer can handle the boat or not, and if your vehicle can tow the boat safely, as well.

Should You Purchase a Pontoon Boat for Sale in Michigan That’s New or Used?

One of the main questions pontooners have to ask themselves is whether to buy a new or used pontoon boat. There is nothing wrong with exploring the used pontoon boats for sale. In fact, buying a used boat can cut down on costs. You just need to know a few things about a used boat including how many hours are currently on the motor. What about maintenance costs. Pre-owned and older boats tend to need care.

The Perks of Purchasing a Brand-New Pontoon Boat

When you purchase a new pontoon boat you will be dealing with an authorized boat dealer. Authorized dealers have direct relationships with manufacturers that provide peace of mind. You will most likely also receive a long-term warranty with a new boat purchase. Any repair jobs and annual maintenance can be referred to the trusted contact you’ve made at a trustworthy dealership. When buying your first boat ever, it is always wise to purchase a brand-new boat from an authorized dealer.

Walk-Arounds and Test Drives

When purchasing a new or used boat you want to be sure that you do a thorough walk-around check. Be sure to pay attention to the pontoon boat’s logs or tubes. Check to see if they are straight, is there a straight reflection of light along the logs? What materials are the logs made from? Look for dings, patches, scrapes, dents or any other visible signs of work or repairs. You should also test drive a used pontoon boat.

Have Seat in the Helm

Check to see that everything is operational and easy to reach. Ensure that the following gauges are working properly including the tachometer, water pressure, water temperature, trim and tilt as well as the voltmeter. Also make sure while you are seated in the captain’s seat that there are no obstructed sight lines and that the controls as well as the steering wheel are comfortable and easy to handle.

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