Tips and Tricks on How to Plan for a Family Style Sunday Brunch

Sundays are special for loved ones. It is the time you get to sit down with family or friends after a busy week and enjoy each others company. Well, why not make Sunday brunch a tradition, enjoy some delicious food and engage in fun activities. When planning a brunch, you want it to encompass all the good elements of a planned breakfast and lunch, but filled with love and so much more. This means you need a great mix of appetizing food, decorations and entertainment. Here are the top four components for planning the perfect Sunday brunch.

Proper planning
Whether it’s Galentine’s day, Mother’s day or any other special occasion with friends or family, be sure to celebrate with brunch. However, brunch party can be memorable or a total disaster depending on how you plan for it. Make sure you inform your guests early in advance so they can also prepare for it.

Book a party venue and possibly have a previst for further assessment. If it’s a restaurant or hotel, ask if they have brunch menus specially prepared for such occasion. Most people go for outdoor Sunday brunch as it offers scenic gardens with a breathtaking view and also has a kids play area. Planning ahead almost guarantees you perfect brunch.

Setting the Mood
Your Sunday brunch mood will mostly be determined by what you are celebrating. For Mother’s or Father’s Day, the theme can be set by a couple of well-wrapped gift boxes, crafty napkin folds, plenty of chocolate and a nice bottle of wine. Gift cards are also special for this occasion. However, the most important thing is the brunch menu as it sets the tone for everything. Of course, fresh flowers, especially lilies and tulips will make the perfect table centerpiece accompanied by impressive tableware.

Brunch Recipe
Finding the perfect Sunday brunch menu is essential for a special brunch event. Instead of the typical breakfast and lunch type foods, try out fun and flavorful options like sweet potato muffins, egg and cheese hash brown waffles, creamy blueberry baked french toast or flatbreads, pita chips and cheese crackers.

You can never go wrong with meat dishes like lamb chops with side dishes such as herby roasted jersey royals or roasted baby leeks with oak-smoked bacon croutons. Good brunch menus must not lack milk, tea, fruit juices, mineral water and well-brewed espresso or cappuccino. The idea is to appeal to all guests with their favorite dishes.

Brunch Friendly Beverages
On top of a delicious meal, supply your guests with a great drink. And there are quite a number of drinks to celebrate with brunch like a mimosa, bloody mary, champagne punch, breakfast margarita, melon patch, screwdriver, greyhound and abbey cocktail. Having a balance for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is crucial, especially if the brunch is open to children. You can make the drink session even more enticing by serving guests with appropriate glassware.

Above all else, make sure to have fun. The whole idea of brunch is to enjoy the company of your guests whether friends or family. Even when things seem not to go as planned, just smile and let loose. Remember any occasion you choose to celebrate with brunch can almost be successful with these four tips and tricks.

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