When Was the Last Time You Spent a Weekend at the Lake?

Labor Day.

The unofficial end of summer.

Even though the calendar says that summer lasts for a few more weeks, there are many Americans who know that this first three day weekend in the month of September will be the end of their days at the lake, their afternoons on the boat. For this reasons, there are many wakesurf boat rental stores and jetski rental options that consider this their last big hurrah for the year. After this weekend, many of their products will be marked down for quick sale to make room for new models. Whether you are considering the benefits of a pontoon boat purchase or one last weekend wakeboard boat rental, Labor Day weekend is certainly a time to make certain that you squeeze every last ounce of fun out of the Summer of 2019.

What Are You Doing This Labor Day Weekend?

Whether you are planning to explore the benefits of a pontoon boat purchase or you simply want to sit on the deck and enjoy your new patio furniture, there are certainly many options when it comes to the three day weekend in September that so many people look forward to. Family picnics, work celebrations away from the office, weddings, and other gatherings are often celebrated best when you get an extra day off work. And while there are many ways to celebrate the END OF SUMMER, time at the lake is always a great choice!

  • Everyone loves to find a way to spend more time with family and friends. Perhaps it is because of this that so many people consider the benefits of a pontoon boat purchase versus another weekend of renting a boar. Having access to your own watercraft any time that you want can be a real advantage.
  • No technology stays the same, so it should come as no surprise that although users had to stand up to ride the first jet skis, advances in the 1980s changed the way they were designed and now allow riders to sit and enjoy the wildest of rides.
  • Daredevil water enthusiast continue to look for the best ways to spend their time on the lake or out in the ocean. For instance, in the year 2016 there were approximately 2.91 million U.S. participants in wakeboarding, but this sport has continued to expand.

  • Often times the accessories that you have will determine the amount of fun you have while you are out on the water. For instance, wakeboarding ropes are usually longer than wakesurfing ropes. So investing in the ideal wakeboard rope that is between 52 and 78 feet will give you some of the best adventures.
  • Finding the closest lake or other navigable body of water really should not be a challenge if you allow yourself enough time to reach your destination. A weekend at the lake makes an hour drive well worth the effort.

  • Statistics show that as many as 19.6% of Millennials participate in water sports.
  • Unless you are wiling to invest in your own boat purchase, you may be limited by the kind of boat rental that you can get. These options are often more limited on the busiest of weekends like Memorial and Labor Day.
  • Making water activity a priority, as many as 13.4% of the U.S. population participated in water sports in the year 2017.
  • Most jet skis can accommodate one to four adults depending on the model. Motor size is what allows the craft to reach high speeds between 15 and 60 miles per hour.
  • End of the summer celebrations are often more fun at the lake.
  • Realizing the benefits of a pontoon boat allow you to make the best decision about what kind of water craft you might like to purchase. Still having the power to pull water skiers and wakesurfers alike, a pontoon boat provides easy deck level access to all kinds of guests, as well as providing an easy platform to navigate the space while your guests are on the water.

What are your plans for this last long weekend of the summer? If you are heading to the lake, remember to pack the food, the sunscreen, and all of the accessories you will need out on the boat!

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