How Many Times a Year Does Your Family Go Camping?

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The girls originally purchased the three tent kit for their Dad for Father’s Day. At the time, it was fun to go camping in the backyard with the whole family. Each of the two sisters were assigned the task of setting up their own small tent. Dad assembled the largest tent; mom sat on the sideline, offering assistance and taking pictures. Once all three tents were completely set up, both of the girls climbed into the large tent and began the process of attaching their smaller tent. Sometimes in just a few minutes, sometimes in a half of an hour, the three tents would be zipped together and the process of setting up camp, backyard style would commence.
For the girls, the most important part of preparing their camp was setting up their sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets. Knowing that everything would have to be washed before it returned to their rooms helped the girls limit what they were willing to drag outside. The while experience certainly was not very rustic, but it did prepare the girls for sleeping outside, dealing with bugs, and coping with the night sounds of a backyard that backed up to a park. The night time bird calls, the loud crickets and junebugs would startle them at first, but with a rule of no technology, the girls eventually learned to fall asleep to the sounds of nature.
Sports Stores Offer a Variety of Products That Appeal to Both Novice and Expert Campers
Camping equipment can take on a different kind of meaning for families that live in a metropolitan area and not every backyard camping experience can turn someone into a real backwoods campers, but that does not make in town efforts any less fun. And while one sister will never do any kind of camping once so ever by her own choice, the other sister embraces the activity and will spend her college years hiking and camping as often as possible.
Sports stores have plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts of any kind. Simple tents with basic sleeping backs to adventure clothing and archery equipment for the people who would rather spent their weekends hunting and camping whenever they can. And while camping may seem like an activity that gets people away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it is far from a solitary activity. In fact, research indicates that 70% of all camping trips are taken with friends. Groups of college friends, groups of work friends, or groups of people who have become friends because they all enjoy the same kind of hunting, all enjoy the opportunity to let the sunrise and sunset serve as their alarm clock.
Perhaps because of the hectic nature of most people’s lives, camping is an outdoor activity that appears to be growing in popularity. In fact, statistics indicate that 3 million more Americans went camping in 2012 than in the year 2010. And of those people who say that they enjoy camping, a 2012 survey indicated that the average number of camping trips these people took was five a year.
Sports Stores Across the Nation Specialize in Hunting and Fishing Gear

Not surprisingly, the number of people who go camping lead to a significant portion of the country’s economy. Did you know, for instance, that consumer spending on camping equipment amounts to $1.8 billion each year? And while buying camping supplies fuels this number, the camping crowd also invests significantly in other sports store items as well. For instance, an average hunter spends $1,638 every year on his or her sport. Activities as varied as paddle boarding, rock climbing, and geo caching are other popular activities among people who love to camp.
The next time your family is looking for a way to spend time together while also spending time in the great outdoors, you might consider a camping trip. Whether it starts as a simple backyard tradition on Father’s Day weekend or turns into a summer weekend event, camping allows every member of the family to enjoy their own kinds of activities while also enjoying each other’s company. A simple walk through a local sporting goods store will help get you started.

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